Any donation is tax deductible, as the LCVA and Art Center under the auspices of our parent organization the LCVA is a registered non-profit. 


  • Paper towels, toilet paper

  • Fluorescent lights, T 14, 48"long

  • Plastic trash bags, large

  • First Aid Supplies

  • Large Sponges

  • Small buckets and large 5 gallon buckets

  • Fire extinguishers

Equipment and tools (These can be in used, good-condition items)

  • Pallet jack

  • 24" Wall mount paper roll dispenser

  • Hand tools

  • Stools, short

  • Letterpress presses and type

Ceramics Equipment

  • Electric potters’ wheels

  • Slab roller

  • Extruder

  • Computerized electric kilns

  • Clay processing: Soldner mixer

  • Build salt/soda kiln

  • Reduction kiln (buy or build)

  • Build wood Kiln

  • Build shelter for wood kiln


  • Re-roofing supplies for Clay and Glaze Studio, Garage

  • Steel roof and cinder blocks, new or used to fortify walls in storage building, # 49

  • Wall mount outdoor light for front of clay and glaze studios

  • Seal clay and glaze studio floors

  • Street signs, mounted in a monument-style support

  • Recaulk front glaze building windows

  • Fans for clay studio ceiling to force heat down

  • Weatherstrip garage doors in clay studio