Studio One

Studio One focuses upon the two dimensional arts (painting, drawing, and photography) but also includes dimensional needle felting, mixed media, art marketing and portfolio building. This building features a classroom, artist studio space for rental, a gallery and a gift shop. Studio One creates an environment that nurtures all levels of education in many different disciplines of the arts. We support many types of artists – students, hobbyists and professionals. It is a vehicle to share our understanding of the artistic processes with the public, and to grow and expand our own expertise. Not only do we teach classes, but also offer experiences for schools, colleges and vocational, and after-school activities. 

Gallery Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday

12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Studio Spaces Available

Studio Spaces Available in Studio One for 2-D Artists

Month to Month Lease, Utilities Included

For More Information Please Contact:

Jill Shaffer: (517) 263-3038, (517) 270-2465,

Meet the Resident Artists: 

Pat Cooper - Resident Arist

Pat Cooper of Original, Affordable Art is a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has exhibited in ArtPrize 2015 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, (on display in Studio One), and an 8-year participant In Art-A-Licious. Growing up in Detroit during the Motown years plus extensive world travel, including the Hermitage, The Louvre, the Vatican, Israel, Lapland and Iceland have helped to mold the colorful visions that she creates. Her art is what she likes and what she sees at the moment, working in water-based media, acrylic and watercolor, adding dimension and a whimsical variation. Check out more on her website -  

Mary Gautz - Resident Artist & Instructor

Mary's interest started at a young age when she discovered a Brownie camera in a closet at her home. Her work tends to focus on nature photography, many of her works and inspiration come from the nature that surrounds us right here in Lenawee County. She uses her camera to capture nature in its ever changing moments, every day brings with it new wonders to be discovered. Her love of God's beautiful world shows in her photography, one of her favorite photographers is Nick Brandt. He is well known for the photos he has taken of the animals in Africa and the shrinking land that they live in. Mary attended SHU graduating in May 2015 with a BA concentration in photography winning a Fra Angelica purchase award for her Cattails and Water Lilies Photograph. Mary had a photo published in the Jackson 24 book, and has had several photos selected to be in catalogs. She has photographed several weddings and senior portraits, and participates in several local craft shows around Lenawee County. Mary is really happy to finally have her own studio, a longtime dream and the time to pursue heart, attend craft shows and be able to accept new jobs.

Barb Jackson - Resident Artist

Ms. Jackson is a relative newcomer to the field of art, having taken up on retirement from a postal career. Art has always been on the “backburner” throughout her life. She is self-taught through books, museums, videos and helpful friends. In the end, she relies on her own vision of what should appear on her canvas. Her biggest influence was a teacher who didn’t teach, but helped students over the rough spots when needed. This teacher showed that art should be fun, not labor intensive. Barb proceeded to manipulate paint with fingers and elbows or whatever worked, even brushes just as Picasso, Matisse and Dali who was able to see things that weren’t there. She is a firm believer in Picasso’s quote, “To learn the rules like a professional, so you can break them like an artist”. Although Barb hasn’t quite mastered the rules, but she stands amid the clutter of the rules she is constantly breaking.

Bernie Langton - Resident Artist

Born in the sunny city of Durban, on the East Coast of South Africa Bernie has loved drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. Her parents supported and encouraged her passion for art. She studied Commercial Art in M L Sultan College in Durban and thereafter worked in the art department of A C Braby's, a major publishing company in Durban. Four years later she decided to work for herself and opened her own art and design studio in the city and also drafted residential and commercial building plans to supplement her income. As demand for her plan drafting and interior design skills grew, she found herself becoming more involved in the construction industry. Due to the healthy economy and her commitment to providing top quality services, her construction company and other business interests grew rapidly. Bernie kept up with her art, doing pencil portraits and painting on commission. After her partner of 30 years became ill and died from diabetes complications in 2010 she continued in the construction industry doing remodeling and factory maintenance work for companies such as Tupperware, Mondi Packaging, Hot Pot Paints and Kimberly-Clark. She met her husband, Kevin Pratt, in 2012, immigrated to the US in April, 2014 and now lives just north of Adrian, Michigan. She loves the people and the relaxed pace and feels blessed that she is able to create beauty through art. Bernie works with pencils, charcoal, acrylic and oils. She particularly enjoys drawing pencil portraits of people, wild animals and pets and welcomes commissions. Her contact details are:- Tel : (734) 323 1324 and e-mail :

Vicki Schmucker - Resident Artist

Vicki Schmucker began her photography career as a freelance photographer contributing to The Daily Telegram since 2006. She was recently recognized by the Michigan Press Association 2011 Better Newspaper awards. The State of Michigan recently selected Vicki’s work for use in their Pure Michigan advertising campaign.

Jill Shaffer - Studio One Director & Instructor

As a very young girl, Jill’s artistic eye was captured by colors and shapes. Drawing became an everyday event; on the back of old wallpaper rolls. Later she took art in high school, and that propelled her on the journey of a lifetime, of creating art. While raising a family, running a business with her husband for 50 years, she found time to take many workshops in Oil, Watercolor and Pastel from well-known artists, such as Daniel Greene. Jill has had seven (7) solo shows, participated in many juried group shows, LCVA shows, and has won many awards. She belongs to the LCVA and is a member of the Great Lakes Pastel Society. She is Co-Director of Studio One at the Adrian Center for the Arts, and serves on the ACA Executive Board. She has been a previous member of JCAA, Bedford Artist Club, Toledo Women Artists Jill has designed and built sixty-eight (68) Stained Glass windows for churches in the area, has two windows in the Adrian Historical Museum, and many windows in private homes . She is a teacher at Community Arts of Tecumseh, has taught Adrian Adult Education Art, the Tecumseh Adult Education Art, and gives private lessons in her studio. She participates and demonstrates in the annual Tecumseh Art Walk, and CAT 's Art in the Park. ln 2014 she was accepted into ArtPrize, an international show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her art depicts the beauty of God's creation, in a positive way. Her hope is that the art she makes brings joy to the viewer, and that the viewer gains knowledge of her heart's intent through the art. Jill feels that she has a richer and fuller life, because of God's gift of Art.

Becky Stevens-Brososky - Resident Artist

Call me Becky. I am so happy to be here!

To me, art is emotion expressed, or impressions of something deeper. Abstract art to architecture evokes certain feelings, different perhaps to different people, but always there.

I have always had a desire to express my inner self through art, whether that be in my surroundings or on a piece of paper or in a quilt or needlework or even in a garden. I do not consider myself talented in any specific form of art, but I love to find creative ways of expression. It’s just inside of me and wants to come out!

For as long as I can remember I have had so many ideas and plans for creations of one sort or another, and now I have found a place to set them free!

I am just beginning the journey of putting all these ideas into the real world and I know I will learn and grow along the way. Especially so, being surrounded by such creative and talented people.

I am married for 25 years. I have two grown sons and a stepson and a beautiful daughter in heaven. Our two dogs and two cats keep our home full of love and fur. I like to garden and camp out, draw, quilt, crochet, color, embroider, craft and learn new art techniques. The more I learn the more tools I have! I like to keep things simple but I think the details are important. Thank you so much for having me.

Lad Strayer - Resident Artist

Since the early 1980‘s, Lad has worked as a professional photographer working in commercial, industrial, editorial and portrait photography, specializing in the technical aspects of lighting and exposure.

An award-winning editorial photographer, Lad has worked for the Associated Press, The Sporting News, The Toledo Free Press and The Daily Telegram.