Clay and Studio Residencies

Residencies are cooperatives. 24/7 access is allowed in clay and Acorn Studio | Gallery Studios. Candidates must submit an application and portfolio.

All Residents are required to help with studio open hours, ACA activities, and studio maintenance.

Cost in the Clay Studio  begin at $110 per month, dependent on the size of the work space. Glazes and firing are provided in the studio cost, with each Resident supplying their own clay. If you require a wheel you must provide that yourself.

In Acorn Studio | Gallery Studios, there is a wide range of private studio spaces. There are many different size studios with a variety of amenities. The cost of utilities and WiFi are included in the rent cost. It is possible to share a studio space with another artist or group of artists. See the Acorn Studio | Gallery Studios Director for further information.

Letterpress/Print Residency
Studio 44 Letterpress offers short residencies to printers and other artists interested in producing print editions or special projects in our studio.


For Residencies available in Acorn Studio | Gallery Studios, Contact Jill Shaffer:

For Residencies in the Clay Studio
Contact Kris Cravens: