Partner With ACA

Non-profit groups can choose to enroll 1-2 students in a class from our current catalog, or apply for a group class scholarship, where the criteria for the class will be tailored to the specific needs of the participants.

Non-profit Scholarship Criteria:

  • Sponsored by a local non-profit. The individual(s) whom are applying must be affiliated with a local non-profit group. (For example: the Boys and Girls Club of Lenawee, Schools, the Hope Center, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Boy Scouts, the Rotary Clubs, Alcoholic Anonymous, Religious Organizations, DHS, etc...) A representative from your organization must fill out the non-profit application form or contact the number below. 
  • The group must be local. The non-profit must be located in Lenawee county. At this time we are not offering scholarships to non-county groups.