18 Nov Pouring Oil and Acrylic


18 Nov Pouring Oil and Acrylic


Building location for class: Studio One

Date of class: Sat November 18

Time of class: 1p.m.-3p.m.

Number of sessions total: 1

This is a painting class featuring a poured paint technique, using no brushes. We will pour paint using various methods to create abstract images, which may or may not resemble landscapes, for example.  We will explore various oil colors of different consistencies that do not blend, but repel each other. Pouring oil and acrylics of different  viscosities onto a flat panel gives you a resist, by tilting and manipulating the flow, you can control and create the image.

Weather permitting, we will paint outdoors. Please wear work clothes and shoes that would not mind a little paint splatter.

Instructor: Shirley VanBenschoten

Contact:  svanbens@comcast.net   

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