Basic Welded Sculpture

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Basic Welded Sculpture


Building location for class: Studio B

Saturday, April 28

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Number of sessions total: 1

Class Description:  Learn how to design and create sculpture using metal and other materials. Students will learn to cut steel using torches, weld using a mig welder, use power tools to grind rough edges and finally how to create an appealing finished patina. Use scrap steel from Studio B or bring your own.  This is a one day class but you can arrange with the instructor for a two day class.


Any additional information the student needs to know?  Please wear jeans, long sleeve shirt, leather boots or work shoes. Bring your own face shield, goggle and gloves or borrow some from Studio B.

Students may sign up for one or two days of workshops.

Instructor:  Jim Bundshuh 

Instructor contact email:

Instructor phone:  517-759-6264

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