Textured Painting with Plaster

sculptural painting.jpg
sculptural painting.jpg

Textured Painting with Plaster


July 10-11th
10am – 12pm

2 hours for 2 days 4 SCECH hours

Instructor: Brenda Singletary-Johnson

The class will be working with a unique painting process made with a plaster of Paris base. The project uses common materials such as watercolor/acrylic paint, a non-porous surface and a square stencil. This will create a 3 dimensional mixed media sculptural base.   The class will experiment and explore artistic possibilities. This workshop will inspire and motive your artistic spirit.  Every piece is completed and ready for hanging. This is a two day workshop with classroom time of two hour each day.

Day 1-On a non-porous surface, paint is arranged with brushes, fingers, sticks. Plaster of Paris is poured over the painted surface inside the square stencil. The plaster is left overnight to settle.

Day 2-After the plaster has completely dried, the square is pulled from the non-porous surface with a 3 dimensional painting on the underside.  The painting can be enhanced by adding additional paint and found materials.

Max 10 students

$60.00 Including Materials

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