STAINED GLASS MOSAIC  |  6 scech cr 

stained glass mosaic.png
stained glass mosaic.png

STAINED GLASS MOSAIC  |  6 scech cr 


MONDAY | Part 1
July 15,  1:00pm – 5:15pm

& TUESDAY | Part 2
July 16, 1:15pm – 3:15pm

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Instructor: Linda Jacobs

Make something beautiful and useful in stained glass! Cover a 3/4” piece of 11” x 12” plywood, framed in 1” wood stripping with foil to create a reflective surface to enhance the stained glass. Learn how to design your piece, add mirror(s), select colors, cut and fit the stained glass, add found objects, glue and grout it, then finish your frame to match. The completed mosaic will be an art piece to hang on your wall. 

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