Moveable Feast

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moveable feast.jpg

Moveable Feast


7pm – 11p.m.

Hosts: Duane Bastian, Ken Thompson, Pi Benio

Board the bus and take a trip through the studios of Lenawee! 

Let’s start with hors d’oeuvres and wine with Duane Bastian at his home/studio. Duane is a Ceramic Sculptor whose estate is filled with wonders.  Then on to Pi Benio’s studio in Adrian.  Pi is the Executive Director of the ACA, her studio is filled with her ceramic and paper sculptures. Our entrée will be served here.  Dessert will be served at our final stop at Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Galleries in Blissfield.  Our host, Ken Thompson, will take us on a tour of his phenomenal studio. The bus will bring you back to the ACA campus.


Max: 30

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