FUSED & SLUMPED GLASS DISH  |   4 scech cr

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FUSED & SLUMPED GLASS DISH  |   4 scech cr


TUESDAY | Part 1
July 16, 8:30am – 11:45am and

Wednesday | Part 2
July 17, 8:15am – 9:25am

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Two sessions: One 3 hours session and One 1 hour session

Instructor: Susan Matych-Hager

Create your own original small glass dish using fusing and slumping techniques to kiln form the glass. Information on kilns, kiln preparation, firing schedules, how and where to place in the kiln, what glass can be fused and why, how does glass melt, preparation and selection of the slumping mold, required tools and materials, as well as problem-solving of typical issues will be provided. Learn techniques of scoring and breaking the glass into shapes to create your dish. 

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