Letterpress tags and labels


Letterpress tags and labels


Building location for class: #44

Date of class: Two day workshop

SATURDAY, October 28

and SUNDAY, October 29

Time of class: 10AM–2 PM for both sessions


Personalize your handmade jams, baked goods, wine, beer or any item that you want to add your touch of flair! Design and print your own custom labels or tags with personalized imagery and message using letterpress printing— a process utilizing movable type and vintage presses. These might be hangtags, adhesive labels, bellybands, or other type of uniquely printed designs for packaging. Materials are provided. Instructor will discuss with you prior to class, what type of labeling you are interested in making. Instructors: Kristine Willimann, Phil Driscoll

Instructor contact email: kwillimann2@gmail.com   


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