Lenawee Council for the Visual Arts

The LCVA was formed in the late 1990s as a way to showcase and call attention to the visual arts in Lenawee County. The Adrian Center of the Arts was formed under the LCVA. The LCVA is the governing body for the Adrian Center for the Arts.

Board of Directors

Ken Thompson - President

Kris Schmidt - Vice President

Mike Jacobitz - Treasurer

Paula Trentman - Secretary

Erik Gable - Director

Paula Holtz - Director

Jim Philp - Director

Theresa Rupley - Director

Adrian Center for the Arts Directors

Lisa Neuman, Executive Director

Pi Benio, Programming Director

Kris Cravens, Community Clay Diretor

Jill Shaffer, 2 Dimensional Director

Susan Matych-Hager, Glass Director

Julia Tomaro, Youth Art Director

Taina Bundshuh, Special Programs Director

Amy Philp, Volunteer Director

Catrina Ossmann, Clever Ideas Marketing, Social Media & Website