Upcycling Glass / BYOBB


Upcycling Glass / BYOBB


Building location for class: Maintenance Garage, Building 43, GLASS, Southwest Entrance

Date of class: Saturday, July 15

Time of class: 1-4pm

Number of sessions total: 1

Class Description: Students will learn the basics of lampworking and apply it to making glass jars from beer bottles using a torch and glassblowing techniques. Bring your own six pack of empty, clean beer bottles. Students must be at least 16 years old.

IMPORTANT: Students taking glass courses must wear natural fiber clothing (i.e., cotton shirt and denim jeans), closed toe shoes and hair tied back and out of the way. Loose clothing that will be in the way of the torch is strongly discouraged.

Instructor: Ari Abrams

Instructor contact email: intrepidglassworks@yahoo.com

Instructor phone: 614-595-9760

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