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August 3, 2019
GLASS STUDIO, Building 43, Former Maintenance Garage, Southwest Entrance

Lorenzo Cristaudo, instructor

Prerequisite: NONE
Students 16 years and up may register for this class.

IMPORTANT: Students taking glass courses must wear natural fiber clothing (i.e., cotton shirt and denim jeans), closed toe shoes and hair tied back and out of the way. Loose clothing that will be in the way of the torch is strongly discouraged.

Try your hand at making Venetian style blown-glass ornaments. The method will use borosilicate glass which is more workable in the flame and lends itself to fine detail such as found in this style of vase. We will use colored glass to create lines and dots on a clear body. Learning this process will inform the student of greater possibilities for hollow forms. Using an oxygen-propane torch, students will learn basic techniques to make blown-glass ornaments. Learning how to control heat, gravity and blowing techniques will determine your success. Creating these colorful ornaments will provide students a basis for working glass further in the torch. Ornaments will be available for pick up two weeks after the class. At that time, please bring packing material and small container to transport your ornaments to the safety of your home. Basic torch safety will be discussed.

ACA Student Cancellation Policy

Students registered for class at ACA may cancel registration up to 48 hours ahead of the first class and receive credit toward another class in the same media. After 48 hours prior the ACA will not issue any credit. The ACA only offers monetary refunds if ACA initiates the cancellation due to weather or instructor or studio unavailability.

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