STAINED GLASS: Copper Foil Sun Catcher


STAINED GLASS: Copper Foil Sun Catcher


August 25, 2018
1pm – 4pm

Prerequisite: NONE

Students 16 years and up may register for this class.

IMPORTANT: Students taking glass courses are encouraged to wear natural fiber clothing (i.e., cotton shirt and denim jeans), closed toe shoes and hair tied back and out of the way. Loose clothing that will be in the way of the soldering iron is strongly discouraged.

You will observe examples of objects that convert well into sun catchers, then proceed to cut, foil, solder, and trim your own finished pieces for personal use or gift giving. You should be able to do two (2) sun catchers. In this class you will learn studio safety tips, how to use glass cutting tools and the grinder, how to clean your glass, add copper foil, and flux the piece, proper use of a soldering iron, cleaning and tinning the tip, and how to apply the solder smoothly. You will also learn how to clean the piece, how to add trims such as wire, beads, etc., how to attach a wire loop for hanging and how to clean your final piece to hang in a place that catches the light.

Linda Jacobs, instructor

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